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Jeanette Stafford
Just unlocked the Season 7 Battle Pass. it worked on the second attempt. I tested it with 2800 v bucks. Thanks!
Oskar E. Olesen
How long does it take to my account?
Ryan K. Lopez
Just wait 5-10 minutes to receive V-bucks. If still not working you can try again, maybe the system is busy right now.
Oskar E. Olesen
guys u got to try it out. This actually works!!! I tested it with only 2800 v bucks and purchased the Season 7 battle pass
Andrea Scandolera
You guys are awesome! this is a greeeeeaaaaaaaat website! and thanks for the video tutorial guide on youtube.
Zsozsó Bartha
thanks man. yet another hack that proves no game is unhackable!
Audrey J. Tucker
I swear no one give a legit tutorial... guys u got to try it out. This shit actually works!!! And I am able to purchase season 7 battle pass.
Anna K. Meyer
thanks for the Fortnite Free vbucks, i just purchased the Valkyrie Legendary Outfit with those free v-bucks
Ditte Laursen
took me literary 5 minutes to receive sms, but yea i generated 7500 Vbucks for free. Thanxx!
Anday K. Smith
I have done everything and generated v-bucks multiple times and still working (October 2018)
Shahzayn Bughye
holy hell it worked omg I have so many v bucks its insane LOL i just got the new Frostwing glider!
Bob F Corning
Who else looked in the comments to see if this was real oh btw it's real! i got 13500 v-bucks on second attempt! i had to try again because i missed something in human verification process.
Audrey J. Tucker
Hello I had no skins in Fortnite Battle Royal before, but thanks to this guy and simple tutorial. just got 7500 vbucks.
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