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Jeanette Stafford
Just unlocked the Season 9 Battle Pass. it worked on the second attempt. I tested it with 5000 v bucks. Thanks!
Oskar E. Olesen
My Vbucks stopped at 5000 (i selected 13,500) why? but cant really complain, thank you so much
Ryan K. Lopez
Are you sure you selected the 5000 vbucks option? May be you clicked the 13.5k vbucks. I got no problem as i selected 5000 and got the exact 5000 vbucks.
Khizder Brain
guys u got to try it out. This actually works!!! I tested it with only 5000 vbucks and purchased the Season 9 battle pass
Andrea Scandolera
used this method 2 days ago and got 5000 vbucks, account is still safe and running.. no ban!
Zsozsó Bartha
thanks man. yet another hack that proves no game is unhackable!
Audrey J. Tucker
I swear no one give a legit tutorial... guys u got to try it out. This shit actually works!!! And I am able to purchase Season 9 battle pass.
Anna K. Meyer
Does this get u banned cause I have many skins. I tried with 5000 vbucks and it worked, but now i'm worried about the ban thing
Ditte Laursen
took me literary 3 minutes to receive sms, but yea i generated 5000 Vbucks for free. Thanxx!
Anday K. Smith
easily managed to grab 5000 vbucks and then purchased the Season 9 battle bundle, no issues at all. Thanks
Shahzayn Bughye
holy hell it worked omg I have so many v bucks its insane LOL i just got the new Frostwing glider!
Bob F Corning
Who else looked in the comments to see if this was real oh btw it's real! i got 5000 v-bucks on second attempt! i had to try again because i missed something in human verification process.
Audrey J. Tucker
HUMAN VERIFICATION SUCKS, but somehow i completed the survey thing and got my 5000 vbucks under 5 minutes
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